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    Line chart (stacked area's as Style) - empty (no-data) area is filled up



      While using the quite illustrative option in Style for a line chart to show the lines as filled up area's on top of each other (in line chart, properties, Style - the lower two options), I run in to the problem that QlikView seems to 'fill up' area between two points while there is actually no data at all (nothing to present).


      To be more precise, I show a time dimension (timebands in this case) on the x-axis, and count over a dimension existing of four distinct fields. Once there is a period for which the 'top sorted dimension', Z in the described example, does not exist, QlikView fills up an area (Yellow in this case) while there is nothing to show. However, Prod C in the example has also no-existing periods but is shown correctly, and the same if you alter the sort order.

      Seems to be a bug. Can anyone help me?