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    Customized report

    Dilip Dolui

      Hi all,

      We need to create a report from a source with five columns: GL_cate (GL Category), GL_Code, Branch_Cat (Branch category), Branch (Branch name) and the Amount (Sum of the corresponding sale amount). Please refer the attached excel file(Date.xls) containing it.


      The report output will be like the same as in the attached excel file: Resultset.xls.


      Clearly the output contains the GL_cate, GL_Code and the Branch as the dimension and the SUM(Amount) as the expression then the branches are put horizontally with an additional column % for each branch. (N.B. in the attached Resultset file the % column is  shown for the first 2 branches only but in reality it will be repeated for the rest of the branches too.)


      Now the problem is the to calculate the values under the % column. Where the % for each branch will be calculated as the sum of the sales amount of that branch divided by that of the "Sales fruit products" GL_code.


      Thanks in advance.