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    Mapping Load with Crosstab

    Brian Yordnoff

      Hello. I'm trying to set up a mapping load using CROSSTAB. My source is an Excel file. What I need is to pull labels from the second line of the file and have those paired with the letter associated with the column. So my Excel file might look like this:


      -: A | B | C | D | E...
      1: [extraneous data]
      2: Apple | Bonnie | Cherry | Danielle | Endive |
      3: [extraneous data]
      4: [extraneous data]


      I need a mapping table of
      A, Apple
      B, Bonnie, etc.


      My initial attempt (without the MAPPING LOAD) was something like this:
      CrossTable(xColumn, xValue)
      FIRST 63 LOAD * from [Main.xlsx](ooxml, explicit labels, table is Sheet1);


      63 is the number of columns. This works but gives me a third column (in first position) which I don't need and prohibits it from becoming a MAPPING LOAD. 


      Can someone see a better way? Thanks.