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    How to make menu QV directory path work for every note book ?

      Hi All


      My 11 QV doc is distributed to all my staff using dropbox.


      My application is i have 10 seperate QV price list doc call by 1 QV menu doc.


      Now my issue is on menu QV Doc. i need to make the directory dynamic.


      So I declare a var =vPath and definition as below :-


      C:\Users\Paul Yeo\Dropbox\5 QV_Final\QV_SNP


      Now the issue is each user their directory are different. For example micheal directory :-


      C:\Users\Michael\Dropbox\5 QV_Final\QV_SNP


      My question is what should i do , so that it will make the QV menu doc work for all user ?


      Enclosed my QV doc.


      Any work around ?