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    Calculation Problam

    Roee Wagerman

      Hi all,

      i calculated the  accuracy field in the next way:

      round(Sum([orders]/SUM(TOTAL([orders]))*[ ACCURACY BY UNIT]))/100


      my problem is that i need to represent for the calculate field (A B & C) the number that reflects  total accuracy  for each calculate type(A B  & C).

      now   i  get 59% as total for A B & C toghther .


      Does somone have an idea how to get totals as :  A - 59%  insted of 20% B- 59% INSTED OF 20%  C- 60% insted of 20%.

      when i remove the    ACCURACY BY UNIT field i get totals as A - 20% B- 20% C- 20%

      I need to show totals such as : A - 59% B-59% C - 60%