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    Dollar sign expansion with parameter not working

    Felipe Carrera


      i defined a variable like:

      set vParameter =num(sum({$<%cus_track_wave__ID={'$(vLastWave)'},%cus_track_buyer__ID={$1}>}cus_track_qualityassessment)/count({$<%cus_track_wave__ID={'$(vLastWave)'},cus_track_quality={1,2,3,4,5,6,7},



      and use it in the chart, under "Presentation" / add text as :


      =$(vParameter(2)), where 2 is the buyer_ID


      but it does not work. I need to use the formula as it is:





      set vLastWave ='= MaxString(%cus_track_wave__ID)';


      Results for a filter is like this: the full Formula is getting what i need, but not the vParameter. The $(vParameter) shows me 53% instead of 64%,


      Apr 201347.06%-
      May 201370.00%-
      Jun 201344.44%-
      Jul 201364.29%64.29%


      any idea, what i did wrong?

      many thanks