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    Expression not linked to table dimensions >> separated from the selection forced by dimensions


      Hi to everyone!

      I have a syntax doubt. I want to know what can I do so the dimensions of a pivot table do not force a selection to the expression of the table. I searched in the community but I couldn't find anything that helps me.

      I have to situations with a pivot table (which has 2 dimensions and 1 expression) where I want the expression only to be conditioned by one of the dimensions. Or say it in another way that the expression of the table is afected only by the selection one of the dimensions and excluded from the other. I don't know if I have expressed myself, so I write you one of this situations as example,


      - Client ranking (Using an expression)

      - Product Grouping Attribute



      - Sells Percentage of the Client in each group (each value of the attribute). To do so I want to divide the Sells of the Client by the Sells of all the product group. The Sells of the Client would be: Sum(Sells) and the table dimensions would do the rest, but the syntax for the Sells of all the group... I don't know, because the table dimensions force the selection.

      I can't use Sum{Total Sells} because I don't want all the Sells, and I've tried expressions where I add values to the actual selection (Like: Sum({$<[Product Group]={"*"}>Sells),... ), but the dimension selections prevail. I've also tried other expressions with {1} but I couldn't get selection

      Can any one help me?

      Have a nice day and thanks in advance for your time and dedication! [:)]