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    Very interesting read...Harvard Business Review

    Paul Van Siclen

      Came across this article today and thought I would share with the FS user group community.





      My favorite part of the article is a paragraph that really nails the benefits of QlikView in the enterprise:


      "I have seen many large companies accelerate the development of new analytics through the use of a discovery environment. Not only are users able to experiment more broadly and freely, but since they are already working within the scalable systems that will be used to deploy their findings, it is much easier and faster to move from prototype to final product. This in turn allows more iterations through the discovery process which allows the benefits to compound. With more flexibility and less bureaucratic overhead, users are able to be more innovative, more efficient, and are typically much more satisfied as well. After all, wouldn't you be happier if you weren't constrained arbitrarily in how you are able analyze data?"