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    Problems with full accumulation in a straight table


      I am doing a full accumulation in a straight table which contains 8 dimension columns (something like: category, subcategory, group, subgroup, article, etc) and 10 expressions (all with set conditions and some of them also using "total" identifier): the expression that I am trying to accumulate is of the form: sum({$<YEAR = {'$(vYear)'}>} Sales). I tried to make the accumulation on other expressions from the straight table and still doesn't work: it returns the result like I never checked "full accumulation" condition. Has full accumulation something to do with the number of columns/expressions or with the presence of set expressions? With the same data, but deleting the set condition, the accumulation worked. Does anyone have a hint on what the problem might be? I searched the forum and the reference manual, but I haven't found anything on this topic.Thank you.