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    QVPlugin issue

      Hi all,


      I have installed QlikView 11.2 SR3 desktop version. So i have 11.2 SR3 plugin. I'm doing a sanity test with dashboards by comparing the look n feel against QlikView 10.0 SR4 plugin which is installed in another system. I'm facing some issues with 11.2 SR4 version plugin.


      The issues are,


      1. when i open dashboard through access point and select more than one selection it's not showing up in current selection object. It's only showing the first  option what i selected and then if i select anything else its not showing up.


      2. In bar chart if the value is null '0' is showing up but if we use QlikView 10.0 SR4 plugin '_' is showing up.



      Could anyone please advise me with this issues?



      Thanks & Regards,


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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          I haven't had the opportunity to run the same tests you are running. But I'd recommend you to first open a backup of all QVWs with the Desktop of the new version, and save them with the new version. Then make the tests with these files.


          In regards to the selection box, there have been some issues fixed in the 11.20 SR3, but mainly happening in the Ajax client, if any. Check anyway the release notes of this version here so you can check if there might be known issues affecting to your developments.


          Hope that helps.