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    Section access reduction for a dimension broken when some value is not present

    Jose Luis Dengra



      I am working with a section access that makes a reduction in the data for different dimensions. It has been working properly during months, but now I found a scenario where the reduction is broken and not applied.


      It occurs when, for a particular user, in the section access table that limits on a dimension I include some records for this user and different values of the dimension, and not all the values exist in the data model loaded after into the application section.


      Let's say, for example, that the dimension is the geographical area, and I am loading in the section access a table that limit a particular user to the ASIA, EUROPE and AFRICA regions by three records. The fact is that it works fine if all the geographical areas are found in the rest of the model, but it fails if any is missing so if there are no records related to AFRICA in a particular instant and the document is reloaded, the section access doesn't limit this user on geographical area, allowing he/she to access to all the geographical areas, even when there are two other records in the section access trying to limit he/she to ASIA and EUROPE and there are related record to them.


      Is there a way to avoid this behaviour and ensure the section access apply all the existing values reductions even in the case that one of them is not present ?

      Thank you in advance.