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    Load only matching records (with match from other table)



      I have a big dataset which stores price history.


        crec1_ref as [KeyPart],
        Date(Date#(Mid(9000000-num(crec1_date),2),'YYMMDD'), 'DD-MM-YYYY') as [CostDate],
        if(creccost3 = 0,creccost1, creccost2) as [Costs];
      SQL SELECT *
      WHERE crec1_rec_type = 1
      AND crec1_date < 7918769
      AND crectotal_cost <> 0;
      STORE [CostTemp] INTO "DATA_NEW/PartCosts.QVD";
      DROP TABLE [CostTemp];


      From this dataset i want to load the records which match with a table filled with stock data. Later I will join them and calculate the stock, but i already took care of that.


        MonthEnd([StockDate])      as [CostDate],     
      Resident [StockDetails];


      Because i only need the price information of the KeyParts in the [Stock] table. Since the price database is huge, I dont want to load everything each time. It takes 40 minutes to load this, while I only need a small amount of data. What can I do to make this selection?