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    Adhoc reporting with QlikView, cyclic groups, order and subtotals issue

      Hello everybody,


      there are so many concepts how to enable an Adhoc reporting in QlikView. In order to empower the end user it is necessary to allow him select whatever does he or she needs to.


      I've created following example, where one thing I do not know is how to display a control field to enable switch the dimensions.

      I still hope there is some hidden functionality which could do the trick.


      1) A virtual cyclig group is beeing displayed, however just the first dimension and it is not possible to switch it. Do you know some trick how to achieve this?


      2) Is there any possibility to activate and deactivate subtotals for specific fields from the end user perspective without going into menu? (User could be irritated and confused from the formulas).


      3) If drag and drop is activated, user can change the order of characteristics. When Pivot table is activated, some fields behave strage - display in the header/columns or they are hidden on position where user don't expect them. (behind, 5th position instead of 2nd). Do you know how to reorder / sort characteristics as user wants to see them?


      4) Does anyone of you have any idea, how to change dynamically my timeline in this example to switch/activate and deactivate some time columns?


      If you have any questions, do not hasitate to contact me.

      Thank you very much in advace