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    Reset licenses after migrating Qlik10->11

    Franck Robert


      I have just migrate a QV10 server (desinstalling) to a QV11 Server (installation).

      In the QMC > System > Licenses > General > QlikView server licence, the license indicates 10 named cals and 30 documents cals, which is correct for the client.

      In the QMC > System > Licenses > General > Client Access Licences (CALS), I can see the correct number of document cals allocated (29 out of 30) but the number of named cals is not correct (0 out of 0, instead of 9 out of 10).

      When I check by documents, document cals are correctly allocated.

      When I chek Assigned cals by users, no license are allocated and I cannot allocate them. Which is normal as far as the number of named cals allowed is incorrect.


      How can I recover the 10 named cals ? (update licence from server did'nt change anything, lef still présents 10 named but 0 in allowed)

      Thanks a lot for your help