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    Pie chart showing percentage of answers


      I want to create a pie chart showing percentage of answers. Data structure is something like this:

      Customer, Date, Answer

      A, 01.01.2010, Yes
      A, 14.01.2010, No
      A, 18.01.2010, Maybe
      B, 18.12.2010, Yes
      B, 12.02.2010, Maxbe
      C, 22.02.2010, No
      D, 22.06.2010, Possibly

      Pie chart should show how many time (or percentafe) each answer poped up, but taking into accoung only last round of questions (so latest answer for each cutomer).

      I know I have to use aggr, count, and/or firstsortedvalue, but I'm having a hard time figuring out the correct expression.

      Thnx for your help :)