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    Section Access restriction from excel

      I'm trying to create a Section Access and the info contained in an excel document will define which user is allowed or denided to access certain parts of the app. This excel document has the specified areas which need to be restricted by using a Yes or No. I want to know how to build this section access using this document and restrict data from .qvd files.





      excel document:


      ID       USER          SALES         STOCKS          FINANCIAL INFO

      1          Jeff               yes               no                         yes

      2          Nathan          no                no                         yes

      3          Jane             yes               no                         no

      4          Cole             no                 yes                       no


      And restrict certain data from .qvd files










      from SALES.qvd


      and i need to restrict the sales field to user Jeff and Jane.


      The thing is that these restrictions will vary if the excel document is modified. I need help with this. I just started using qlikview a couple of months ago. Thanks.