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    execute vbs doesn't work on QV Server

      Hi all!

      I need .dbf to convert to .xlsx for my developing.

      I had created vbscritp as converter (attached) and i tried to execute this file ( .vbs) in my script.

      If i do it via QV Desctop -  my .dbf will convert to .xlsx and everything is fine.

      But  if i try to reload this task on QV Server - my scrtipt will hang and do nothing. I generate a log. There is nothing in log :  my script  execute all function before function "EXECUTE cmd.exe /C "C:\QV_documents\Convert dbf\ConvertToExcel.vbs";". It isn't failed, it happens nothing.

      Also i execute another app like .exe for load dbf from source on disc C and it works fine.


      Could any help me?