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    Load field from joining table based on if condition satisfied from sub string value from left table

      Hello All,


      I am new to QLIKVIEW. I am implementing one functionality and I am stuck at one place. The scenario is as below:


      There are two tables and i need to implement a left join among them. The conditions are as below:


      Table A: having fields: Field1(Key1), Field2, Field3, Field4, Field5


      Table B: Having fields: FieldA(Key2), FieldB, FieldC, FieldD


      I want to add new fields in final table based on some calculations. New fields to be added as: NewField1, NewField2


      Conditions is:        if (mid(Field2,2,1)=B) then

                                         NewField1='00000'&''&mid(Field2,4,3)    /* For example it will become 00000653*/

                                         NewField2=TableB.FieldB(NewField1)   /* Now 00000653 value maps to key of Table B and against to                                                                                                              00000653, FieldB value of Table B should be assigned to                                                                                                                NewField2. Here 00000653 will have characterstics of                                                                                                                    FieldA(Key2) of Table B*/

                                  end if


      I want to perform as below: Table A and B are memory tables already loaded in QVW.

      [Table C]:

      Load *,NewField1, NewField2 resident TableA

      left join([Table C])

      Load FieldA, FieldB resident Table B;   /* Join is based on Field1 and FieldA*/


      I hope I have put in my query clearly. Kindly share how it can be implemented in QLIKVIEW.


      Thanks and Regards,