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    Display a second value inside a column?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I am just building a diagram for HR data and I am facing the difficulty that

      => I am already using two scales (one left, one right), but there is one more value I would like to display simultaneously, but it won't fit in either of the scales. More precisely, I have

      - the total nr. of employees (scale from 100 to 1000 on the left) and

      - the percentage of men and women (scale in % on the right)

      => The next (which should be displayed in the same view) would be the avg. age...


      My question is: Can I use the formula_properties dialog to display inside every column (one per month) two values,

      - one just representing the same thing as the column does (acc. to the scale)

      - one calculated by a different formula, having nothing to do with the scale


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,