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    Qlikview Web parts V11 installation issue



      I'm having trouble installing the QvWebparts.

      It's setup on a SharePoint server, with access to a QlikView server.


      My problem is I only have V10 installation guide, so I'm not sure I did everything correctly ....


      If I follow the manual, I should have the following section inside the web.config of the selected webapp :




      <add key="QvAjaxZfcPath" value="http://RD-CENTEST1/QvAjaxZfc/" />


      <add key="Proxy" value"" />






      But the thing is I only have this :

      <SafeControl Assembly="QlikViewWebParts, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=a9a508bbf3d43208" Namespace="QT.QWW.WebControls" TypeName="QvObject" Safe="True" SafeAgainstScript="False" />


      Is this normal ?


      Anyway, when I create a page and try to add a QvWebPart, I can't find the QlikView Object, as specified in the manual.


      One last thing, it is not yet activated (I'm not sure if it matters).


      Thank you for your help !