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    Calculated Percentages

      Hi All,


      My first post, I hope it's a simple problem for somebody.

      I'm analysing some data using Qlikview and need percentages that will always equal 100% even when I filter using a list box...


      for example here is some data.


      Location     Gender

      UK              Male

      US              Male

      US              Male

      UK              Male

      US              Female


      I have a simple bar chart with Location as the X axis, and percentage of the sample on the Y axis.

      That chart will show 40% are from the UK and 60% are from the US.

      I have a list box with gender, and I choose to show only males.

      The percentages will need to update to show 50% UK and 50% US.


      I've had a bit of a play around but not been able to solve this.


      Any assistance would be really appreciated.