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    List of incidents



      Im trying to calculated the up time / downtime of a system.

      I have an excel like this.


      DateCauseSolutionDownTime (in minuts)Status
      25.01.2013Upgrading DBUpgraded DB and restarted system235Unavailable


      Every date that doesn't have a record in the list should have 0 downtime, and Up time should be 24*60=1440.

      So in January i should have a up time of 31(days)*24(hours)*60(minutes)=44640(100% Up time)-235(downtime)=44405(Actual up time).


      Is it possible to add the up time rows dynamically based on the downtime rows? Or do i need to add every date in the list and manually calculated the up time for each day? Please don't hesitate to ask i you require more information or if i am being unclear on my issue.


      Best Regards,


      Lasse Rolstad


      EDIT: Added test qvw as attachment