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    Checking if Date field 1 is between Date field 2 and Date field 3

    V Butler



      I have 3 date fields in 3 separate tables - the 3 tables are joined together. I need to provide a date input in my report that allows the user to filter the results where Date field 1 (called AccessDate) is between a range of Date field 2 (called MeetingDate) and Date field 3 (called PublishedDate). So, the desired logic is, return results where AccessDate is between the chosen MeetingDate and the chosen PublishedDate.

      I would like to be able to use one calendar object for the AccessDate and another calendar object for the PublishedDate, but the resultant date range is applied against the AccessDate.


      Is this possible in QlikView? If it's not, are there any suggestions for implementing this some other way?