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    Data fields with multiple entries

      Hi All,


      I have a problem with some survey data which I'm not sure how to process before I load it into Qlikview.

      My data is downloaded from the back end of an online survey where we allow multiple answers to be selected for some of the questions.

      The data ends up similarly to the example below (see favourite colours):


      NameFavourite ColoursFavourite shape
      JamesBlue, Red, Greencircle
      PeterRed, Yellow, Whiterectangle
      HenryBlue, White, Orangetriangle
      GeorgeGreen, Blue, Redrectangle
      FredWhite, Yellowrectangle
      JordanBlue, Greencircle


      I'm not sure what the best way to process this data is.

      I've heard that a good option might be to do the following... but with several questions allowing multiple answers the final database might end up huge!


      NameFavourite ColoursFavourite shape


      Although this might work in principle... i can still see there being issues when finished, ie any 'count' field would be out...

      Also, the survey doesnt specify that they NEED to select 3 answers, only that they can select upto... so I'd end up with different numbers of lines for each entry...

      Any help would be really appreciated - I'm pretty stumped with this one.