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    Multiple choice data input



      Please forgive me if this is either an inappropriate or neewb question but I am just that....the newb bit, hopefully never too inappropriate.


      I have recently been provided with an excel spreadsheet that houses a series of multiple choice responses to a lengthy questionnaire. The questions all relate to a an individual user, role and region. I have spent some time sorting the responses into individual columns for each question as previously this information was held in single fields no matter of how many responses had been received, I did this as it is effective for the process of pivot tabling this info.


      We are required to create a friendly viewing format over a number of sections, all of which helpfully are in different question format within qlikview, as a result I am looking to see if qlikview can cater for this. i.e would anyone know how I could import the information so that question one can provided with five different columns that hold the respective answers producing single charts and graphs? If so how is this achieved? I have provided some dummy data to help assist if the above did not help in explaining the issue.


      Many thanks to anyone who can offer any words of advise.




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