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    Web View Error

    Alec Harf

      Hi Guys,


      I am using Web View to use an extension and show some videos.


      Randomly, I get an error on the page " Navigation to the webpage was canceled" and nothing else show on the page.


      I read on the community that some people have fixed it by installing the latest version of QV but that didn't help.


      Please let me know your thoughts..




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          Cesar Accardi



          I have noticed this behaviour before, if you open a document that was saved with WebView enabled you may get this message sometimes but it should work again if you disable/enable WebView. I don't know the reason why but I guess it may have something to do with temporary internet files.

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            Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

            Hi Alec,


            If you are using the IE Plugin and HTTPS, that is likely to happen, because the Plugin uses its own ciphered protocol to communicate with the Server, and it does not use HTTPS. Is there any change this is what is happening?



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              I'm now having this same issue. I was working in web view and suddenly now I'm get the "Navigation to the webpage was canceled". I disabled then enabled WebView and still get the error message. I saved the document (QVW) not in webview, then reopened it and re-enabled webview and still get the message. I'm using the Desktop client V. 11.2 SR1 (64 bit) on a Windows 2008 server.


              Does this mean my Document (QVW) might be corrupt possibly? (I hope not...)

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                  I fixed my issue. I had two sheets, one using the custom extension for doing Google Heat maps


                  Google Maps - Heatmap


                  I removed the sheet with the Heat Map extension and now my first sheet can go into webview again. I think something with that extension corrupted something. Might be the extension is not quite stable on QV 11.2 SR1.

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                      Christian Schlettig

                      Hi all,


                      i also had this sometimes together with extensions, when theres an error in the extension or the definition files for that, you could get this error in the WebView, but would also most likely get a js Error in AJAX Client.


                      The other thing is, that it happens often, when you just doubleclick on the QVW document in Windows Explorer.

                      I happens not so often, when you open the document from the Startpage within QliKVIew Desktop.


                      Best regards,