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    Straight Chart with manual text and calulcation



      I have the following expression to work out the last time a specific call was updated in a certain time.


      =count(distinct if(time(update_time_JD_1,'hh,mm,ss') > time('00:00:00','hh,mm,ss') AND time(update_time_JD_1,'hh,mm,ss') < time('29:59:59','hh,mm,ss'), update_time_JD_1))


      What I am looking to do is create a straight chart which has a manual text in and then the count.  It should look like the chart below:


      Manual TextCount
      Last Updated within last 3 days126
      Last Updated more than 3 days ago21
      Last Updated more than 5 days ago19
      Last Updated more than 10 days ago15
      Last Updated more then 14 days ago15
      Last Updated more than 20+ days ago98


      I want to create this as a Straight Chart, so that if for example I click on Last Updated within last 3 days, it will show on another Straight Chart I have, all the call reference numbers.




      Jon Ditchfield