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    Logical AND in Value-Selection on Dashboard

      Hi QlikView-Community,


      I have a , hopefully, simple question. Just for testing reasons, I have threee small data sources. All data sources include the names of a given set of clients. In addition, every data source represents one single system, where the clients are listed in.



      DataSource 1:

      Client 1A
      Client 2A
      Client 3A

      DataSource 2:

      Client Data Source
      Client 1B
      Client 3B
      Client 4B

      DataSource 3:

      Client Data Source
      Client 4C
      Client 5C


      What I would like to know is, which of the clients is listed, for example, ONLY in DataSource A AND Data Source B (and NOT in Data Source C). In this example the result would be Client1 and Client 3.


      When adding the fields in QlikView and selecting  Data Source A and Data Source B the result is Client 1, 2,3, 4 as QlikView works with a Logical OR - so it lists all clients that are in Data Source A or in Data Source B


      How can this be avoided?


      Thanks in advance,