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    One dimension for each expression?

    Vegard Kamben


      Is it possible to have two dimensions and two expressions and have one of the expressions only react on dimension 1 while the other expression only uses dimension 2? I might be going at this all wrong but what I'm trying to create is this:

      syscom diagram.PNG.png

      I have two expressions, one counting how many requests we have, an another counting how many request we have that are closed.

      This works fine and gets the correct data, but only if I use CreatedDate as dimension with the open request expression, and ClosedDate as dimension for the closed request expression. I need this in one chart. If I only use say CreatedDate dimension for the month, The closed cases data is wrong but the open cases data is correct.


      Any ideas?


      kind regards,


        • Re: One dimension for each expression?
          Stefan Wühl

          You may transform your model, so instead of having two fields for ClosedDate and CreatedDate, have one field for the date and one field to describe if it's opened or closed (i.e. transform your table from one row into two rows for 1 record).


          Then use common Date field as dimension and filter your expressions by the Description field (having two expressions like:


          =Count({<Desc = {Opened}>} ID)