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    QV 11 – QVDS – Does a task *require* both reload and distribution (2 QV engines)?

    Trevor Roth



      QV11 SR2




      In QV11 the Publisher FAQ states that task reload and distribution are handled in two different steps, each requiring its own QV engine. I have many (hundreds) of QV tasks building QVDs, and I am noticing that for a given task the reload will complete, release its QV engine, and then it gets stuck for 20+ minutes waiting for a QV engine to become available to start the distribution task (see attached TaskLog). The catch is that once an engine is available the distribution portion takes mere seconds to complete.


      The task is building a QVD, not a user facing QVW app – so why do I need to wait for ‘distribution’? Is there a way for me to configure the task to tell QVDS to only run the ‘reload’ portion and not the ‘distribution’ portion? For the task in question in the QMC under the distribute tab all settings are blank (see attached picture). Any ideas?







      QV 11 DS FAQ:



      Thanks in advance!