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    Sharepoint list - lookup column caused a problem

    Martin Laidig

      Hi there,


      I had a problem loading a sharepoint list into qlikview via owssvr.dll (http://your-sharepoint-server/site/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?Cmd=Display&XMLDATA=1&RowLimit=0&List=listGUID&View=viewGUID). The connection between qlikview and the list just could not be established. Sometime (but not evertime) I received "Server response could not be parsed" as an error.


      However - I found a way to work around the problem. There is a lookup column in my sharepoint list which refers to a document library. This lookup column prooved to be the troublemaker. The workaround is to create a list view that does not contain the lookup column an refer to this viewGUID. With that "de-troubled" view everything works fine.


      It would be interesting if anybody has solved the problem of loading the content of a lookup column as such. To me it seems reasonable enough to load both sources an let qlikview do the lookup.