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    11.2 SR3 and IE8 very slow

      Hi there,


      does anyone of you also experience that the usage of IE8 is very slow with QV Server 11.2. SR3. All other used browsers, also IE9 are absolutely quick. Just the IE8 seems to make problems.


      Any tricks to speed up the IE8 are welcome!


      Best regards


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          Hey, running exactly the same in my company.


          Even if IE8 is not the fastest browser is not giving major problems.

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            Features of this version are not supported for IE8 like this one:


            The new, scrollable tab row is not available in Internet Explorer 8 and lower or in older versions of other browsers. In older browsers, the original tab row will be used.


            I extracted this one from the release notes, I would upgrade the browser If it´s making troubles.


            I noticed that SR3 i'ts way faster than SR2, I´ve made like 5 installations and no troubles, but I´ll downgrade my IE to see what you mean and help you.