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    Section Access works on Client and not in Publisher

      Good morning,
      I have a problem using Section Access:
      I developed a security system using Section Access and testing it with the client it works exactly as I want. Going to publish on Server I don't have the same behavior seen using client; in other words, the NTNAME = ADMIN  can see all data as I want, but the other persons in the AuthTable of the Management console on the Server can't open their document. These persons are ADMIN or USER and in any case they can't open their dashboard.

      On the .qvw, in Settings --> Document properties in the TAB "Opening" I checked "Initial Data Reduction Based on Section Access", "Strict Exclusion" and "Prohibit Binary Load".
      Creating the task on Server, on TAB "Distribute", on subtab "Manually" I selected the Server and User Type is set on "All Authenticated Users".
      I tried to leave the subtab "Loop Field in Document" with default parameters and one time with a field used to split data in "Field containing recipient information" but without success in both cases.



      The schema of my SectionAccess table is:


      ACCESS, NTNAME,                               KeyNTNAME  ( it's an alias of NTNAME and it is the criterio to split data)
      ADMIN   DOMAIN\PERSON1                 DOMAIN\PERSON1         
      USER    DOMAIN\PERSON2                  DOMAIN\PERSON2
      USER     DOMAIN\PERSON4                 DOMAIN\PERSON4
      USER     DOMAIN\PERSON5                 DOMAIN\PERSON5
      ...     ...                     ..
      ...     ...                     ..


      How we can understand, I want to split data by login, there are persons who can read everything and other who can read partial data.
      I hope to have explained well my problem.
      Thank so much for helps