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    Show which Dimension has Greatest/Max Value

      I want to create a table that shows which Well has the greatest daily Depth_Drilled.

      WellMax Dly Depth Drilled
      SRC 32H3100


      I'm able to get the maximum value in the database using the below in my expression tab...


           =Max({1} Total Depth_Drilled)

      However, the table lists all wells (i.e., dimension) with that Maximum Depth_Drilled.


      WellMax Dly Depth Drilled
      Mtn Range 12H3100
      Erie Cnty 5H3100
      SRC 32H3100
      Punxy 10V3100
      Durango 7V3100



      What is the code to only show the exact well/dimension with the maximum Depth_Drilled?  Also, if I wanted to show which well had the maximum within the last six months what is the code to show that timeframe?