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    Application.OpenDoc with variable not working



      I'm trying to open a set of documents via macro (vbscript) in a button, using a user selected value in a field as document path and name, but keeps giving me "Failed to open document", if I replace de variable for fixed text it works



      QV 10.0.9061.7 SR3 64bit

      Windows 2008 R2 server standar 64 bit


      The script:

      sub Macro1
      set doc1 = ActiveDocument
      set SelectedValueInDocument = doc1.fields("xDocuments").GetSelectedValues
      'Note: the button is active only if GetSelectedCount('xDocuments')=1
      if SelectedValueInDocument.Count > 1 then
          msgbox "Warning: there is more than 1 value selected"
      end if
      vDoc = SelectedValueInDocument.Item(0).text
      msgbox  vDoc   'here shows correct path and document name (the name has no spaces, backslash, comma, colon or semi colon)
      set App = doc1.GetApplication
      set newdoc = App.OpenDoc (vDoc,"","")   ''  <<== this gives error
      'set newdoc = App.OpenDoc ("C:\QV\DESA\APPS\common\QVW\MyChileDocument[6-2].qvw","","")  '<- this works but need to change document  to match user selection
      end sub


      Any Ideas why get error with the variable?


      Best regards