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    Question about table visualization

      Hi to all, I'm facing a problem with qlikview, I have a table object that display several rows. These rows contain 3 columns


      ID, Description and DateID


      ID is a numeric identifier

      Descritpiton is a text and DateId is a datetime created with a script found in a forum









      $(StartDate) + ROWNO() -1 AS DateId

      AUTOGENERATE $(NumOfDays);





               DateId                                                                                       AS DateId      // just in case

              ,DATE(DateId)                                                                                                // in format defined in your SET DateFormat=, or in your system format

              ,DAY(DateId)                                                                                  AS Day

              ,WEEK(DateId)                                                                                 AS Week_S

              ,YEAR(DateId) & NUM(MONTH(DateId), '00') & NUM(DAY(DateId),'00')                              AS DateID

              ,MONTH(DateId)                                                                                AS Month_S    // simple month name; it is dual - numeric and text

              ,DUAL(MONTH(DateId) & '-' & YEAR(DateId), YEAR(DateId) & NUM(MONTH(DateId), '00'))            AS MonthYear   // Month-Year format, dual

              ,YEAR(DateId)                                                                                 AS Year_S

              ,WEEKDAY(DateId)                                                                              AS Weekday

              ,'Q' & CEIL(MONTH(DateId)/3)                                                                  AS Quarter     // in format Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4

              ,DUAL('Q' & CEIL(MONTH(DateId)/3) & '-' & YEAR(DateId), YEAR(DateId) & CEIL(MONTH(DateId)/3)) AS QtrYear     // Qn-Year, dual

      RESIDENT Date_src;



      DROP TABLE Date_src;



      LET NumOfDays = null();


      QlikView performs a LEFT OUTER JOIN so in my table object I have all rows in the database but I have several rows with only DateID value and a '-' as ID and Description.


      Is it possible to configure the table object to skip these rows containing only '-'


      Thank you in advance for your help.

      Best regards