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    Creating a line graph using Sum expression with a condition



      I have the following scenario. I have a table that looks like this:


      Group               Value


      A                      5

      B                      10

      C                      15

      D                      20


      A                     6

      B                     11

      C                     16

      D                     21


      Now, I want to create a line graph with 3 series (A, B, D), note that I want to ignore C. However when I use the sum expressions such as:


      sum(  {$<Group={'A', 'B', 'D'}>}  Value)


      It also uses C for the sum. As in on the line graph, the value of D would be 50 instead of 35 for the first set. How would I ignore the value of C in the sum?


      Thanks in advance