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    QV Web Server: User Authentication against Active Directory issues

      I'm new to QlikVew and have been trying to find solution in authenticating users in QV Web Server for days.


      Here is our setup:

      1.We have installed QV Server (QV Web Server, not IIS) in machine A which is part of domain A, and we want to authenticate users (Windows users) who are part of domain B (corporate domain) via Active Directory.

      2. Neither machine A nor domain A is part of domain B (no joining)


      We use QV Small business edition.


      My question is how can I configure QVS to support the user authentication thru LDAP? I read couple discussions, it seems like the only option is to build my own SSO authentication against LDAP and pass header to QVS. Is there any simple option out of the box from QVS? I want to avoid building authentication unless it's really needed.


      Any helps are appreciated. Thanks.