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    Access to files - avoid file_locks?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a problem with a QlikView app in the management_console (Scheduler):

      - Every day, that app runs every 3 hrs (without the Publisher, that's the best we could do for now).

      - Always at 8am, the Scheduler generates an error:

          - QlikView writes in the Log_file that it could not find the path of a file

           <=> The path is correct, I can open it and I can manually reload the app.


      => My assumption (the only reason I can think of) is that at this time (8am for the last few days), someone is just editing the file, thus it is locked - when I would try to open it, there would be a dialog_box offering several options. I guess that stops QlikView from opening the file? Could that be so?

      If so, is there any way around that (except what I'll do now, go to the people and tell them not to edit the file at those times)?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,