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    Viewing differences between server and local client

    Roel van de Ven

      I don't know for how long this has been happening, but I started to notice it when I was starting a sketch for an iPad dashboard.

      When I started the sketch it was on my laptop (QV on Windows 7 64-bit). I added a gray image in a text-box as the maximum size and used two text-boxes with blue background color for the menu bars. I positioned them as seen in the enclosed ScreenShot_2. When I copied the file to our server the gray image was OK, but the blue menu bars looked as if they were moved.


      Same happened when I opened a QV demo app on QlikView.com (as web-browser version). It looked OK when I opened it in the web-browser, but when I downloaded it to my laptop the graphs and list-boxes looked scaled. The background image however was as it was on the browser (see ScreenShot_1).


      Can anybody help me to find out what settings are "wrong" on my system?