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    Dimension Dimentia in Pivot Tables

    Jeremy Schmitt

      I am working on a Pivot Table report in Qlikview and running into some issues with a Dimension I am trying to create. I keep getting an "Error in Calculation" statement with everything I try. I am having a tough time working through this one.


      For each of the 'TRANTYPE' field I want to sum the amounts under the years, but each trantype sums different dates. My pivot table has each amount broken down by Year(TRANDATE) and then Month(TRANDATE)  created in my script. I also have a static date of of the Year/Month I am refreshing this report called 'CURMONTH'. Both date fields behind the scenes are formatted MMDDYYY.


      -I am trying to say for my dimension, if the field TRANTYPE is "ActualPymnts" and the TRANDATE is  <=  the CURMONTH, then give me the sum of the AMOUNT field for those. S looking at the numbers below sum all 2003 through August 2013. That way each month I run the report and have a new CURMONTH, it will continue to add the amounts into this SUM dimension


      Is anyone Dimension/Pivot Table savvy enough to help me work through this?