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    Two Joins in a row

      I've can't figure out why my exported table looks different from my table in the qlikview solution.

      I've made an example file (attached).


      At this moment the path-names are still setup for my computer.


      What I want to know is why the column expected Hours Calculation Method remains empty in the exported file (2010_10.qvd)

      In my qlikview solution just one table remains: PerData

      And within that table the expected Hours Calculation Method is linked whenever the %UOM is set to boxes.


      Hope someone can help me out

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          Peter Cammaert

          If I change the QVD filename to something that can be created on my PC, I get exactly the same data as in the object on the only sheet. 3 rows with a NULL value and three rows with a value 1. Just the order is different. All boxes-linked lines are placed at the end of the QVD. See attachment.


          Is that wrong?



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            Gysbert Wassenaar

            %UOM is one of the fields exists in both tables you join on. That means that it will be used to match the records of the two tables. So only the records with 'boxes' as value in %UOM get a value for Expected Hours Calculation Method.


            Edit: I see the same thing using Qeye when looking directly at the qvd file. However if I load it (with qualify *) I do see values for Expected Hours Calculation Method for the 'boxes'  records. Could be a bug in Qeye. Qviewer does show the correct values.