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    What would  be the best way of backing up qvw files?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      we have a company-wide QlikView structure (well, that is the plan...)

      Of course, we need some way of saving backups of our qvw files.

      The internal method is not a good option as these "Version_x_of_y" files tend to clutter up the working directory - I don't know a way of saving those automatically created copies somewhere else; Is there a way?

      Until now, what we have been doing is simply copy the entire qvw file once a day to a designated backup directory - however, that takes up quite a lot of space, even if those backups are zipped or deleted after a while.

      Is there a way to save space on that?

      (for instance, I believe that in a qvw, there is always some working data alongside the code; Would there be a way of "emptying" a qvw before copying it to that backup folder?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,