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    Lines in a multi-diagram - display figures BELOW the line?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have many multi-diagrams in my charts. Currently, I have a line representing a presence_quota.

      - I have not ticked the checkbox "figures in diagram", but in the expression_options ("show_value", the bottommost one), I have entered a formula making those figures appear only for today and yesterday.

      - On the "presentation" tab of the properties dialog, I have ticked the checkbox "show figures inside segments" (on the left)
      => In the columns, the figures appear in the middle instead of on_top_of_the_columns which is better.


      My current issue is this:

      - I have a line (not an expression because I don't want it to shrink to a dot when a single day is selected) at a value of 96% which is our company-wide objective for the presence quota

      - The line which represents the factual presence quota is usually just below that value, seldom above - but usually it is close to it.

      <=> Because of that, the figures, which are displayed ABOVE the line, are covered by that line.

      => That's why I asked if I could have the figures displayed BELOW the line - since the line itself is usually below the fixed target_line, that would be fine.


      Thank you!

      Best regards,