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    Extract difference-Oracle Minus operation.

      Hi guys,

      here i have a task- i want to get a difference between two tables in the third table. For example, if the table m1 contains rows: 2005,2006,2007,2008 and the table m2 contains: 2005, then the table m3 must contain:2006,2007,2008.


      I've got the script which loads the first and the second tables:



        Load *;


        select distinct year(orderdate) as sqlyearlist

        from AdventureWorks2012.Sales."vSalesOrderHeader-July"

        order by 1 asc;


        LOAD  Distinct   year(OrderDate) as qvdyearlist

           FROM Orders_*.QVD (qvd);


      Appreciate any advises and solutions.