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    SHOW expression header in pivot table

    Hein Schultz

      Hi guys


      I am urgently looking for some help if someone is able to assist please.


      I have a pivot with 2 dimensions on the left and 1 at the top. I then have 3 expressions that show correctly. However, i want to move the 3 expressions into 1 cyclic expression.


      The problem is that it would appear the pivot loses the expression heading if there is only 1.

      Then moving 3 expressions into 1 also loses it, and thus the cyclic option disappears.


      Adding another blank expression is not an option.


      Is there any way to force the header to always show, even if it's only 1 expression?


      Thank you in advance

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          Adam Barrie-Smith


          You really dont want to waste time trying to fiddle to get the cycle button back... QV just has nowhere to place it.

          I recommend you use an input box or a listbox where the user chooses which expression to view and then use the expression conditional display to show the correct expression (assuming you are in QV11).

          Cheers, Adam

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            I'm afraid this is a bit of a draw back of the pivot table, when you format the table in this way the cyclical button disappears - an annoying bug that's caught me out.  Conditional Display is not available for the pivot table - at least not on version 10 which I'm currently on.


            My solution was to create a listbox for a data island (as Adam suggested) and use this to drive a single expression.  Within this single expression, each of your previous expressions are calculated (but only if they are selected in the list box - I used a variable for this) and added together. 


            I also put some text in the header that was dependent upon this selection, so the use always knew exactly what calculation they we looking at.


            I hope this helps.