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    How to export a Table Object to a User defined Directory as undelimited file?

    Andy Thompson

      I have a table object that I want the User to save the results of their selection to a directory of their choice.  Also the file has to conform to strict specifications (un-delimited, fixed width, no quotes).


      I have tried:

      • using the Export action (Button) and I get zero results.
      • wrote VBscript (macro) using FSO (preferred).
      • using IE Client instead of AJAX for AccessPoint accessing the application.


      NOTE: Everything works fine using the desktop -- does not work launching the application from AccessPoint (AJAX). I have the server set to run macros and export to Excel.


      1. Is there another setting on the Server that I need set?  I have not found any information on any other settings.
      2. Do certain permissions need to be set on the Server for the User to have the ability to download?