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    How to display Value in Gaguge Chart



      I need to display the value arrived in the Gauge chart. I have used the 'Text in Chart' but it works well with simple formula. I am trying to use the below mentioned formula


      =num(If (DQ_Dimension='Completeness',1-TextCount(DISTINCT sec_acct_hldg_id)/sum({$<$Table={'Main Dataset'}, $Field={'sec_acct_rec_id_1'}>} $Rows)),'###.##%') & ' records are complete.'


      I get the 'Records are complete' text displayed but the value from formula does not seems to appear.


      Can you let me know if the formula used is correct or is there a different way to do this.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Nicole Smith

          You are able to use both a calculation and text for "Text in Chart".  The problem with your calculation is that you're trying to use system fields, which can only be used in list boxes, so you're calculation isn't valid.  What would be a valid calculation is the following:

          =num(If (DQ_Dimension='Completeness',1-TextCount(DISTINCT sec_acct_hldg_id) & ' records are complete'

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            Hi Nicole,Example.JPG


            Thanks for the revert. But I had used the system field for a different chart of mine in the "Text in Chart" calculation and it worked.The formula id used was:

            =num(FieldValueCount('sec_acct_hldg_id1')/sum({$<$Table={'Main Dataset'}, $Field={'sec_acct_rec_id_1'}>} $Rows) ,'###.##%') & 'Records are of good quality'.


            I am not sure as to why the formula in my question is not working.