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    pivot table with values variable for each item

    Cosmin Cirnu

      hi all

      i have a main source in which i have something like this:


      salesman     product               value

      john              product1              20

      adrian           product1              30

      mary             product1             40

      john              product2             25

      adrian           product2             35

      mary             product2             45


      and another source in which i linked salesman with a corespondent type of product



      salesman       vproduct

      john               product1

      adrian            product2

      mary              product2


      and i want to create a pivot table with all salesmen on rows and with an expression like a sum of value but just for products from the second source for each salesman (like a vlookup in excel)


      the result is like this:


      salesman    value

      john             20

      adrian          35

      mary           45


      thanks a lot!