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    Sorting a list box with months



      I'm gonig slightly mad with this problem. I have created the field below:


      Month(Date(Date(AddMonths(Date#(MonthYear,'MMM YYYY'),[Mth Report Period])),'MMM YYYY')) as ReportMonth1,


      MonthYear e.g. 'Apr 2012'

      [Mth Report Period] is a number e.g. 1


      This would give the result Mar


      I then use the following field to get a number:


      lookup('ID','Month',Text(Month(Date(Date(AddMonths(Date#(MonthYear,'MMM YYYY'),[Mth Report Period])),'MMM YYYY'))),'MonthLookup') as MonthSort,


      the lookup table basically starts with Apr as 1 and ends with Mar as 12, i then sort the data in the script by MonthSort.


      I am then puting the field ReportMonth1 in a list box, but I cant get Apr first and Mar last.

      If I tick the box to say load order, or do an expression =Only(Data.MonthSort).


      Can someone please help as this is driving me crazy!!


      Thanks in Advance,




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          I use the expression within the sort tab.  I see you used a field called ID to create the presentation order.


          Alternatively, you could order your load and use this to drive the sort.


          I hope this helps and I haven't missed the point.  Let me know how you get on.




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              Hi Steve,


              Thanks for the quick reply.


              In my scrpit i do an order by on the field MonthSort, which when you look at the data table puts all the apr first, may second, jun third etc...


              But then when I tick the box to sort by original load it does not come back in the order expected. I then try to use the expression to sort by MonthSort, but that does not work either. I would be greatful, if you could look at my current document and try and get it to sort.


              Once again, thank you for the quick reply.